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Last Updated: 02/19/2023

Thank you for visiting This website is owned and developed by Brand Tech Support LLC, located in Rockville, Indiana, USA. By visiting our website and using its features you agree to this Privacy Policy and the use of your data as described below. For questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us here.

What types of data we collect

Some of your data may be prestored in our databases, after you become a customer, to provide services such as online payments and remote support. Depending on how you use our website, other data may be collected and possibly stored including name, address, email, IP address, web browser data, website visits and usage, and contact form data. If you are sent to our website via ads, some advertising data may be provided by the advertising service provider to us.

When you make online payments we may collect data such as credit card, debit card, and ACH bank account processing data. However, we do not have access to, and do not store, fully identifiable payment information. For security, our PCI compliant payment processor, Square and their partners, handle this information.

Screen data, including, screen captures, are also collected when you start a screen sharing session with us, however the captures are are not stored.

How we collect your data

Your web browser data may be automatically collected by our web server(s) to provide overall site statistics. When you submit forms, such as to contact us or to make a payment, we collect the data to provide services to you. We may also set cookies in your web browser to store data related to your visits to our website.

How we use your data

We use your data for business reasons that may include record keeping, marketing, advertising, payment processing, remote support, and improving your user experience with our website.

Who we share your data with

We only share data with third-parties when necessary to provide a legitimate business service. We do not sell your data. We may store data on our hosting server(s) provided by third-party hosting services. We may also share some data with email service providers, including for marketing purposes.

We share data with our PCI compliant payment processor, Square, in order to process in-person and online credit and debit card payments and ACH bank transfers. In addition, Square partners with and uses/shares data with Plaid when processing ACH bank transfers.

When applicable and required by law we may share your data with appropriate governmental authorities related to legal matters, such as upon receiving a subpoena for relevant data.

How we secure your data

We take steps to secure the data you provides us and we collect. We use SSL certificates to encrypt all internet traffic between your computing device and our web server(s), including for payments, screen sharing, and contact form submissions. Our PCI complaint payment processor Square and their partners securely handle online payment transactions, we do not handle fully identifiable payment information. We also use strong passwords for our web server(s) and web services.